Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Recovery Day 6

What a pain.

I don't know what happened. I had this very sore spot in the back of my throat, seems like the very back of my tongue, and everything I tried to eat or drink hurt. So I didn't eat or drink. At least not until later in the day. Around 7 PM I tried to have some juice and it didn't feel like I had a hole burning through my throat so I had juice, then some pudding, and finally some watermelon.

When I went to bed only my jaw was really hurting but I slept great. I even overslept my 2 AM dose of Codeine. Only by 30-minutes though, and I did get up and take it. By 6 AM I was feeling pretty good. I'm still nervous about swallowing, even the Codeine, but everything seems to have gone down well. My jaw still hurts so I used a cold pack for a couple of minutes and then switched to a hot pack and I must say I feel pretty good.

If Day 7 goes well, maybe I'll go to work tomorrow.


  1. I'm 26 and nearing the end of day 6 of recovery. Today is the least painful day so far. I found early on that not eating was the best option for me. It was just too painful. Even ice cream or pudding would just make me phlegmy and would cause me to cough and make matters worse. Days 3 and 4 were definetely the worst. Yesterday I was able to eat a full serving of mashed potatoes and gravy, and today I ate some mac n cheese, some grilled mushroom and onions and some potato salad. Then I figured the real test would be to try some pudding. I was able to eat a full container of pudding for the first time since surgery. I feel triumphant, in the way that normally I'd just feel glutunous. There's never been a day/night where I've slept for more than a few hours at a time. I overslept my pain meds one by a half hour and ever since I set my alarm to go off at the time of my next dosage. Currently the biggest struggle I have is coughing. Last night I was awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night because of a dang tickle in my throat. With water and spitting, it eventually passed. The other thing is that my jaw is soooo tight that I can barely open my mouth wide enough to take a bite of food...let alone see what my throat looks like! Today I've had some success and noticed the I can open a tiny bit more than yesterday though. The back/base of my tongue hurts a lot too...I found that keeping an icepack on the outside of my throat seems to help lessen that pain. I sometimes feel like wrapping an ace bandage around the bottom of my chin and over the top of my head would help keep that pain at bay. My ear pain has been minimal, but every so often I feel a twinge. I hope that doesn't get much worse. I noticed also, that I do have thick saliva, perhaps normal for me or perhaps from not being hydrated enough...likely the latter. To make it easier to drink water I spit out my saliva and then drink the water. Ice water is sooo soothing now, but it wasn't initially. As far as medication, I was given liquid Vicodin...which was okay at first, but eventually began to burn my throat, so I quickly stuck with the Oxycodones, which I was able to swallow in pill form, luckily. As far as sleeping, I sleep in a leaning/sitting up position on my sofa. I think it's easier than laying strait down and it keeps things draining.Though I do on occasion wake w/ a gurgle in my throat from collected fluids. What I'm least looking forward to at this point is the scabs falling off. I don't want there to be any bleeding, I've been doing well so far, as far as bleeding is concerned. I don't want to feel the scabs fall off. I don't want any additional pain to occur from them falling off. Hope everyone is doing well on their journeys...and I hope no one is experiencing this same jaw pain when trying to open your mouth!

  2. I love this site! Thanks for creating this. I'm 39, female, on day 6 (if you count the surgery day as #1). I am so comforted by all the stories I've read.

    My experience has been similar to all of the others... I did fairly well on days 1-2... I really can't understand the lady who decided not to take her meds on time... I mean why would you do that to yourself? I have set an alarm for every 4 hours around the clock for my Percocet... It doesn't take all the pain away but it certainly makes it easier to handle. I eat some Italian ice before I swallow the pills because it makes it easier to open the throat for the pills. I take 1 1/2 out of the 2 allowed because it makes me pretty itchy, so 1 1/2 helps me manage without being in agony from either pain or itching.

    The Phlegm is horrible, but the way I have dealt with it is to drink water after eating popsicles, pudding, jello, anything with sugar in it. It's the sugar in the foods that cause the phlegm so much, so washing it away either by brushing your teeth or drinking a non sugary beverage (water or unsweet tea) will help to eliminate a lot of it. I also have Listerine Pocketpacks and they help with it too. This may sound insane, but I grow mint in my backyard and chewing on a few mint leaves after eating something sugary and icy helps a lot too.

    My tongue was absolutely killing me on days 4&5. I guess they either pulled it around a lot to access the tonsils or it's just part of the muscular pain associated with cutting something out of the throat. I mean, the tongue is a muscle. I can't even get a good look at the back of my tongue and throat b/c it hurts so much to flatten it, and it's really swollen.

    Today, I woke up in more pain than any other day. Just killing me. I didn't want to talk. I forced myself to eat some italian ice, took the meds and drank some unsweet tea. It's feeling better but it's certainly the most painful day yet. I got a quick peek at the back of my throat and can barely see the tonsil areas. They are white, not thickly covered, but on both of them there are dark grey spots... ? Why.

    I logged on to google to find out if this is normal... Is it the scab formation I've heard about? And why does it hurt so much more as the scabs are thickening? I dread the falling off...

    My ears hurt a tad bit last night but not much. I had arthroscopic jaw surgery 5 years ago and because of that my surgeon was very gentle w/ opening the mouth for the procedure. I have not had any jaw pain at all.

    Oh, also, when I drink, liquid tries to sneak up my nasal cavity. That stinks. I hope it's just because the epiglottis is swollen and not working right... I hope this isn't going to be a new thing I have to get used to.

    And lastly, I read about someone fearing they're getting a cold. I too have some chest congestion. I was really worried about coughing a lot and putting pressure on the blood vessels. I called my Dr and he said to take Mucinex... he said it happens to some people who are put under general anesthesia. He advised me to take 10 deep breaths every hour also. I just try to control the urge to cough and make it count when I need to...

    I appreciate all the info I've seen on this site. It's great to know that I'm progressing normally. It will be worth it I am sure, and I encourage everyone to hang in there since it can't last forever. TAKE YOUR MEDS ON TIME!!

  3. I am a 29 year old male in day six of recovery from having my tonsils removed.

    Obviously I have two wounds in my mouth, when you get wounds they scab over as part of the healing process. It is the forming of those scabs, and then them coming off that causes the massive amounts of pain that I am in. They usually start falling off about day 4 or 5, thats why those are the worst two days. I am currently on day six and I think maybe half my scabs (from what I can see in the mirror) have fallen off. This is the most painful stage because the raw skin and nerves that has formed behind the scabs is exposed for the first time. Even swallowing has become a major undertaking.

    Once the scabs have been off for about a day or two then I will go into the next stage of healing. This is normal for the healing processes from this operation. The pain does not get better slowly bit by bit like most pain does. It stays really really bad till the scabs get off, then one day the pain will just go. They say its like magic, one day you are in agony then the next you are almost back to normal. It takes ten days to two weeks on average to reach this point.

    I’m only on day 6. This is the single most painful thing that has ever happened to me. If I knew it was going to be this bad I never would have done it. Physically and emotionally I am a wreck, I have been getting very little sleep and every waking moment is pure agony. I can only take my pain killers every four hours at the most but they seem to lose 90% of their effectiveness in the first two hours, leaving two hours of hell each and every time. Codeine makes me feel like crap and also makes me sleep, something I am trying to avoid as waking from sleep is when the pain hurts the most, when my mouth is dry and its almost impossible to swallow. The panadol liquid I have helps a lot, its probably the most effective pain relief I have but the taste, YUCK! Back when I was a kid it use to be strawberry flavor and was really nice, these days though its orange flavor, and bitter as anything despite the fact that there is so much sugar in it that it literally sparkles in the light like a gay vampire.

    Probably the worst thing though is the fact I can't really bitch and moan about it. My family is being excellent and my mum in particular has gone out of her way to make life as pleasant as possible for me, never mind the fact she has spent a ton of money on food for me these last few days (Eating has been a major pain in the ass, here is a hint, don't eat butter chicken when you are maxed out on your pain meds, you may not notice at the time, but that shit really isn't helping anyone). I can't bitch because I can't talk, and if I do talk its only a few words at a time and it hurts like all hell, like someone has set the back of my mouth on fire. So I will say something like "I'm in so much pain today" and someone will say "Surly it's not that bad", I won't be able to say anything because I have used up my allotment of words and my mouth now feels like three angry cats are having a fight in the back of it. So I end up getting pissed off and angry and wanting to scream and yell because I'm so frustrated. Grr!

    Ok another thing, my tummy has been doing back flips, I have had the runs for days now and the amount of gas coming out of me could probably power a small town. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not eating enough, or its the pain meds, or what, but whatever the reason my tummy has been very upset and that is upsetting my newly discovered sense of smell.

    Smoking. Before the operation I was a smoker, since the operation I have only had two or three little cravings for a smoke but they have mostly past very quickly, just the thought of having a smoke make me hurt. So the big bonus oh this whole thing is that it looks like I'm no longer a smoker, I imagen that throat cancer feels something like this. Screw that!

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    2. I'm on day 6 of recovery after my tonsillectomy. It makes me feel better knowing that more people have gone through what I am going through. Your post made me laugh so hard! Thanks for taking the pain off my mind for a bit

    3. 1st time I've laughed in 6 days!! Haha. Thanks. I needed that lil bit of humour 😂

    4. MY TONSIL SCABSS KILL ME NOW ALL THIS LAUGHINGGGG ������������������������������������������������

  4. I'll write for my girlfriend because she is in pain. She is 22 and this is day 6 for her. So far, she has two panic attacks and had to go to the E.R. Because it turn out she was allergic to her liquid viccodine. She has thrown up from her liquid perk. And complains about fluid going up her nose when she drinks. She ate jello for the most part. She has been staying away from starches and dairy products. Drinking water and chewing gum has helped her a lot. Being her boyfriend at this stage has proved my love! Major brownie points! And she ate some home made grilled cheese sandwich. But she ate it today at 9:20pm. I wouldn't recommend eating it any sooner. For some strange reason her lower intestines has been bothering her. She uses her phone or my iPad to communicate with me. I made her a get well card which I regretfully wrote"anything you want" a big NO NO to all you fellas. Just kidding..hahaha. Well stay hydrated and chew gum.

  5. Im 18 years old and I am on Day 6 as well. After my surgery my doctor told me he was actually almost grossed out my tonsils were so nasty. They had collapsed and had attached to the muscle in my throat via bacteria. There was so much infection and bacteria back in there he said there was no way any antibiotics could ever reach it.
    The first two days were so easy it gave me false hope. The first day I stayed numb all day from the procedure which was fantastic. The second day I now think I was numbed up still because the third day was when hell broke loose upon my throat. Since then the pain has only gotten worse and worse. I've tried to eat foods such as spaghettios, bread, ice cream and macaroni and cheese and I can get them down but it is by far one of the most painful experiences I've ever gone through with every swallow. I did not know icing the outside of your throat helped so I didn't do that at all, do you think it is too late to try it?
    I have also only had diarrhea since the surgery and I also frequently feel my stomach bubbling. Its a very odd sensation and also painful.
    Also the day I went in for the surgery I was on the start of a cold. I was coughing that morning a lot and had a runny nose. Since the surgery my cough has only worsened and it is a very deep and wet cough. I try to hold back coughing as much as I can but there is only so long I can go before I just cannot help it.
    I got curious and used a flashlight to look inside my moth as best I could and it was disgusting. My scabs are huge and very white and thick. Around all the scabs is this red ring and inside some of them there are red speckles. My uvula is so swollen it literally covers the entire entrance to the back of my throat.
    I had a friend who got her tonsils out and she told me it was not a big deal and she thought getting her wisdom teeth out was a much worse experience so when I started feeling so terrible I was worried I was just being a baby. It so nice to read all these and see I am not the only one dealing with significant struggles after this procedure.

  6. I am on day 6 of my recovery as a 22 year old female and I''m not having nearly as hard of a time as everyone else. Days 1 and 2 were easy because of the drugs but mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese, bread, toast, and sherbet have all been part of my diet since the surgery. Last night was my birthday and I even went to olive garden and had soup,salad, and breadsticks! Now today my ears are hurting the worst and my headache that I've had since the surgery still won't go away but all in all I'm doing okay. And as for the guy above..wisdom teeth removal was nothing compared to this!!

  7. I am on day 5 of my recovery and am a 29 year old male. The first 3 days were ok but my goodness day 4 & 5 have been intense. I have tried to eat porridge in the morning since day 3, but i cant get through the bowl. The doc has subscribed suppositries for me, they help at night but its when i wake up that the pain is really bad. I hope the next 4 days will be manageable. One thing i have realised is that you can survive the day but the nights are horrible. I thank each of you so much for sharing your experiences here it has helped so much. This is without a doubt the most pain i have ever experienced in my life, had i known probably would never have done this procedure.

  8. Hi, I'm on Day 6 of my surgery and I'm doing ok. Can't eat anything except jello and pudding.
    The ice pack and drinking lots of ice water has helped so much. Very scared of scabs to fall of :(

  9. :) I'm a 30 yr. old female on day six as well and oh my god, this sucks! The pain has been fairly consistant and yesterday I got fed up. I had already lost 12 pounds since the surgery due to not being able to eat and I'm already a small girl, so I had had enough. So, yesterday morning I had some oatmeal for breakfast, it was painful but I made it through the whole bowl and throughout the day I had been drinking warm chicken broth, well...later in the evening I went to brush my teeth, (I've been trying my best to at least clean the fronts, I'm kind of a germo-phobe, and I can't stick out my tounge at all) but when I went to spit I felt like I was choking. I went to spit and it was white and all of a sudden swallowing was easier. I spit again and the same thing. I believe that was part of the scabs coming off. Well, in my over excitment last night I talked WAY to much and my throat hurts, BUT not nearly as bad as it did before!! I still can't really eat and I don't want to push things to far but at least I know I'm healing!!! :) Now if only I could be 100% by St. Patty's Day, here's hoping :)

  10. hi people this page has helped comfort me as i am on day 6 also , i do not have much throat pain however i go inti these coughing fits which scares me cause i do not want the scabs to fall off early & bleed. Im a 17 female & this by far has been a horribke expierence. I am still not able to speak when i try it hurts ; i tried to eat soup ice cream & pudding but its caused more mucus. However i have been filling up on apple sauce & drinking water , gatorade & coolattas ( which does wonders for my throat ) ; the taste is horrible & i havent been able to see inside mouth to much cause my tongue wont flatten enough not' can i open my mouth all the way ; im just trying to stay positive considering i use to get sore throats every month ; it was nice reading your stories good luck !

  11. Hi I am a 47 year old female and had my tonsils out 5 days ago. I only took the prescribed pain meds the day of surgery because it made me throw up. Since that I have taken Tylenol Extra strength for pain. I am able to sleep pretty well at night. The worst so far was having so much phlegm in my throat and being afraid I would choke. A few times I had to talk myself out of a panick attack. I want to eat so bad and have already lost 11 pounds. Talking is out of the question! I did put ice packs on my throat often and that did help. The day after I was so angry at having put myself through this. I did it to get rid of tonsil stones. The doctor said the surgery took longer than expected because once he got in they were inflamed and infected. Gross! Oh and I did get a small piece of my front tooth chipped during surgery. My tongue has hurt worse than my throat! Mostly I hold saliva in my mouth until I absolutely have to swallow. The first few days I did a lot of wiping my mouth with a paper towel rather than swallowing. Sorry my post is all over the place. I know we will all be better soon!

  12. My day 6 is horrible, it's as if my pain hurts so bad like the back of my tongue & throat are on fire. Day 1-5 were not this bad. I haven't been able to see anything but my tongue because it's been swollen&I can't open my mouth. Can someone help? Btw I'm 23

  13. 22 year old female. Day 1 (day of operation) was a breeze, the pain meds in the hospital were much more strong than then oxy I'm on now. I'm now on day 5, and it's gradually gotten more and more painful. Today the antibiotics made me nauseous, so all eating was out. I've found the only food I can swallow with relative ease (i.e. not crying) is apple sauce. I also got some lightly spiced indian stews (like spinach) which have satisfied my cravings for salty. I also spaced my pain medication to ease the nausea...I must be improving because I made it 8 hours between doses!

    I'm really hoping it gets better from here on out. While I'm regretting the procedure now, I know that once this is over my quality of life will have improved greatly. No more sore throats every other week! Hang in there everyone!

  14. 22 year old male day

    1-2 were painful but manageable, eating and drinking hurt, but hey I took meds on time, tried my best with some toast and drank water, water and water! Find something to occupy yourself, relax and take time off!

    Day 3-5 we're very painful, even with meds. I consider myself to have a high pain threshold but I was reduced to a ball on my bed watching netflix. Ear and neck pain also joined the party.

    Last night of day 5 something very strange happened, it stopped hurting! I have no idea why, but didn't care and proceeded to wolf down a whole plate of pasta and ham :D

    Today is day 6, couldn't sleep a wink last night, searing pain at every hour.. perhaps because the heating was on.. (great) I drank iced water. Closed my eyes and wished it was over. Wondering/ hoping when these scabs come off because...

    The pain may be one aspect, but I have to say the taste and breath is a whole other! It's like metallic eggs in your mouth and nose, ALL the time. It rank! But I suppose a week of this is better than ten years of tonsil stones eh?

    Ok I have some different tips which have helped me,(besides the obvious) also (ask your doctor before you do this, be safe etc)

    -drink water. Just do it.

    -Get/borrow a humidifier if you can as it reduces your mouth from drying out at night (just make sure your heating is off..duh:P)

    -I found Teatree oil, when wiped on the OUTSIDE, on the skin and muscles where the pain was effective and reduced the pain.

    -The most important point must be STAY POSITIVE, I know its tough, believe me I'm it now, but we're strong and we can do it! Know that this will pass! :)

    So Good Luck to anyone out there suffering, remember this is just the closing sentence of your chapter on tonsils :)

    1. Here it's 2016 but reading your post helped me a lot so thank you!

  15. This page is a godsend! Im on day 6, im in pain, sometimes its worse, sometimes better. Swallowing is the hardest thing ever! feels like im swallowing broken glass. I am also getting palpitations, but this is normal. My friend who is studying medicine said that toncils are actually an organ and have their own blood supply and when they are removed that you can get palpitations for about 2 weeks, as the heart is doing its normal routine and sending blood to the area where the toncils were and it gets confused and the blood goes back to the heart. But our bodies are clever and they figure it out! I think the one thing that has helped my healing is gargling with salt and water. I do this after eating and once or twice during the night. It kills bacteria and bad breath and I am able to open my jaw fully (it still hurts!)because of gargling all the time. I dont have a set amount of salt that i use inthe water, but im sure theres something on google about making saline solution. Another thing, Im already on meds so i couldnt take ibubrophen as it would counteract with my medication, and any anti-inflammatories. Ive been taking paracetamol. I wish i could have stronger pain relief! Havent been sleeping at all but have been eating. Ive been eating "rough" foods like toast, cereals. It hurts like crazy when eating but I actually feel better after eating some proper food! I hope this pain goes away soon or il go mad! but at least i know im not alone theres plenty of people going through the same thing! xx

  16. Im in day 6 and i am 20 year old male. This is by far been my worse day. its so painful to swallow. even water is causing me problems. Day 1-4 werent that bad but day 5-6 has been the worst. I have bad ear aches also. furthermore i have a temprature and feel very droswy. Im taking dicoflex and they dont really help. Also im taking paracetemol and codeine together which doest really help either. I just feel horrible. Hope everyone gets better soon. x

  17. It's day 6 for me and the most painful so far. I'm 34 and had the operation due to 5 episodes of tonsiltus. I thought the pain would get better but it's only got worse. The strange thing is day 1 & 2 were not that bad and I thought to myself this is not going to be so bad, how wrong could I be. I can't eat I can't even swallow my own saliva. I can't quite remember who said it above and I know it's not pleasant but spitting out the collective saliva then drinking cold water does help you swolllow. I have been able to eat mushy stuff and foods such as ice lollies. On day three I caught an infection so this could of not helped towards the pain as this is a cause for a sore throat in its self. The antibiotics, dicolfenac and paracetamol are causing stomach problems. I can't keep getting upset stomach, I have lost just over half a stone. After reading the above though I am dreading the scabbing and due to my neck and tongue so swollen can't see if I am at this stage but reading all the above and other blogs had really helped good luck everyone with your recovery.

  18. Hello, I'm 16 and on day 6 after having my tonsils removed. The pain has been unbearable on days, and not too bad the next. Last night I experienced something strange, I started to feel much better however it felt as though there was something stuck in my throat. A lump perhaps? Eventually I managed to swallow it which my throat then felt really strange after but I never knew what it was. I asked my mum about it and she said "it's probably a scab" what do you guys think? When do scabs actually form/fall off? Because I'm really uncertain that is the cause, has any one else experienced this? Also does any one have any good recommendations of food to eat? I'm getting really bored of eating the same old things day after day.

    Thanks for your time reading this comment, and I wish you all speedy recoveries. Good luck!

  19. Hi, im a 12(13 TOMMOROW!) year old girl.
    It seemed that no other child had put one on, so i will.
    So today im on day 5, and i feel alot better, vitually no pain atall.
    Days 3&4 were definately the worst, i slept all day in so much pain.
    But, i woke up today, and i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!
    Hopefully, it should stay like this till tommorow:)
    Wishing you all speedy and fast recoveries!

    1. I am a 13 y old girll aswelll Omgggg The pain that i am going through is the worsttt :'( Good luckk X

  20. i am a 21 year old female and i am on day 6 of having my tonsils removed :) my breath stinks and my taste is horrendous which is causing me not to eat but unlike a lot of people i can swallow. In the UK we are told to eat a normal diet to speed recovery and i was told to eat a sandwich before i could leave the hospital on the same day as the surgery. I think its the best advice anyone could give! The pain is at its worst in a morning as every night i sleep a whole 9 hours with no breaks for fluid or medication. I suck it up and get on with it as i find having a positive attitude is helping me. My advice is: stay on top of medication, keep drinking water and eating a normal diet, get up and go for a walk (fresh air does wonders) and stay strong! this wont be forever and just think of your future without tonsillitis, its going to be so much better.
    Romaine x

  21. I'm am a 40yr old woman who just had a tonsillectomy along with sinus polyps surgery. I am on day 6. I have not really eaten anything for fear of the pain. I have only had water, Apple juice both with crushed ice and popcicles.....until today I tried Apple sauce. Much to my disappointment, it gave me heart burn...yes it hurts. I have rinsed my nose with saline solution to clean out the packing but am not feeling any real relief yet. My ears hurt but I can occasionally breath thru my nose. I coughed when I was asleep and I felt like my throat was cut open again, yes it was that painful. I don't have a desire to eat but am planning my first meal ....something big, meaty and crunchy! Ha good luck to everyone and thank you for everyone else's insight.

  22. I am a 23 year old female, on day six of recovery. Day six is so far the worst. I woke up and my throat and ears were on fire. I haven't been coughing or bleeding so far which is good I think but like the rest of you I can't eat, talk, or drink. I'm trying to stay positive but it's very difficult. All I want is to feel normal again and I feel horrible for missing so my much work. Some advice, drink water. I know it hurts but it will help in the long run. Take your medicine every four hours even if your in pain or not and just also keep
    in mind that you're not the only one going thru this and you will get better

  23. Im 26 and im on day 6 of my recovery from getting my tonsils removed. I have to say today im in so much pain I cant swallow my saliva or even water. It has put the fear in me I dont want to take my meds cause I know its going to hurt. I have tried eating normally but im not so successful today. Has anyone any advice as I am so stressed out.

  24. I'm an 18 year old female and am now on day 6 after surgery. This blog has been so helpful and I have found it easier to cope reading through positive attitudes on here. Like most, day 1&2 were fine and I thought everything was going to get better quicker than I expexted, until day/night 3. The pain was unbearable and crying made it worse but I couldn't help it, my cocodamol tablets help a lot along with diclofenac but they are so big and so SO painful to swallow, I have to sit and encourage myself to take them and when I do the worse ear/throat and jaw pain takes over and there's nothing I can do to stop it, I avoid swallowing by spitting and sit with an ice pack on my neck. It is now the morning of day 6 and the pain I woke up with hasn't been as bad as previous mornings and my throat looks a lot cleaner and my tongue isn't so swollen. Hopefully I will now start to feel less and less pain as the days go on. I've been told that after 8 days things improve, but you are then at the highest risk of causing a bleed because the scabs are raw and delicate, so when your at this stage, try not to spit out so much, I don't use much force when spitting as this will burst the blood vessels and you may have to go back to hospital to have your throat re-courtoriesd (not sure how you spell that) but that would mean going trough alllll the pain again for another week possibly two. I have found eating melted cheese on toast the easiest and biscuits. Hope anyone who reads these in the future has a speedy recovery!!

  25. Reading all you guys replies has helped me so much. This by far had been the worse experience ever. Thank you all for truly understanding and expressing how this really feels.

  26. Day 6 and i have to admit i am not in as much pain as i was yesterday. I give it a 7/10. Still cant swallow without dying but i know this wont be forever. I had ear pain on days 4/5. Now i just have a headache from hell. My tongue hurts too bad to see the back of my throat. The annoying part is the excess saliva i cant get rid of.

  27. I'm a 44 yr old female and am on day 6 of recovery. The evening of day 4 and all of day and night 5 were absolute hell on earth and 19 times worse than I could have imagined. Nothing can prepare you for the trauma of a tonsillectomy recovery. Horrendous pain in my throat, ears and tongue I really wanted to curl up and die. However when I wokethis morning it didn't feel quite so bad and has improved over the day, I just feel like I have a ball of something stuck in my throat. I have been drinking water water constantly and trying to eat normally despite the excruciating pain and and discomfort and when I checked my throat tonight there was more pink than white areas. Also I have been gargling with salr water to keep infection at bay. Would I go through this again to avoid tonsillitis every 3/4 months including hospital stays because of it? At the moment, no, but after a few months being infection free I might change my mind. A note for health professionals - you should be giving your patients far more information about the recover- I was told told absolutely nothing and gleened my information from the internet

  28. I am a 32 year old man...

    This page has been helpful and I thought, I would add my experience so far..

    I am Day six. Its 02.07 am and I cant sleep with pain and irritation.

    Its been painful from day one till now.. The pains been variable, swallowing food, fluid & saliva have been painful.

    I have been taken Ibruprophen 400mg 3 times a day - 1 gram of paracetamol every 4 hours and a shed load of Codeine. At first 60mg 4 times a day and now I take 30 3 times and 45 at night. I have likely took to many meds at some point with the pain and waking and working out what I had at what time and what can I have now type of query.

    I have eaten a normal diet first few mouthfuls were difficult but I pushed past it.. Nigh of Opp had a Full blown Chinese special fried rice and chips lol.. Its not put me off my food at all, I only eat lunch and dinner both decent big meals tho.

    Sleeps been rubbish.. Waking every few hours and over sleeping during the daytime wont help with a good routine..

    First few nights I could not breath very well and that was waking me. I had to stand or sit on side of bed and take deep breaths.. Inhaling was ok but exhaling when laid flat, intermittently did not always work. Bit Scary lol.

    Breathing fine now..

    Codeine has blocked me right up took allsorts to help with that.. Its common side effect..

    Still painful my face is aching, my jaw and around my ears.

    My Breath is minging I have been brushing teeth and using mouth wash.. It does not look infected but reeks lol..

    I am just bumming about the house.. Been walking my dogs but not far.. I really don't feel great.. I am not contemplating on returning to work anytime soon.. I could not cope lol..

    One things for sure it will get better...

    I can wait to be 100% again ..

  29. I'm a 34 yr old women and I'm on Day 6. I found myself watching the clock so I can take more meds. The pain continues to get worse. I can't sleep & I hold saliva in my mouth for long periods of time. I can't wait till this is over. I'm ready to rest & enjoy some food.

  30. I am a 17 year old female and I am on day 6. The first day of my surgery I actually felt great. I could barely feel any pain and we eating as soon as I left the hospital. However, the next three days (day 2,3 and 4) was just awful. I couldn't talk or open my mouth at all i was in so much pain. I had a tremendous amount of ear pain, my tongue was in pain, even my teeth were in pain. My neck was also very stiff. I was prescribed liquid viccodine and it hasn't helped me at all. It just burns my throat. On day 5 I stopped taking the viccodine and crushed up an ibuprofen pill and started mixing it in my apple sauce. The ibuprofen really helps take most of the pain away but if you're going to try this i would recommend motrin because it probably works way better. With all the throat infections i had, motrin was pretty effective on the pain. Today, i woke up in a lot of pain but it cleared up as soon as I took the ibuprofen. The scabs are already falling off and they taste disgusting but i cant really feel them falling off. I would recommend keeping an ice pack on your neck at all times it really helps. Also, soups and warm stuff have helped me better than eating anything cold. And if you're experiencing the foul taste in your mouth like I am, drink apple juice and eat apple sauce it helps get the taste out your mouth.

  31. I am a 18 year old female on day 7 of recovery (counting surgery day as day 1). The first two days after surgery I felt great but once the 4th day hit I was in an incredible amount of pain. I also experienced problems with my first set of pain meds (came near fainting several times and I was always itchy). Called the doctor and someone told me to just stop taking the medicine. So that's what I did. I went days 4 and 5 with no heavy medicine, just tylenol and ibuprofen. At the end of day 5 I was near tears (I cannot remember the last time I actually cried in pain, this coming from someone who has played contact sports and run long distances my entire life) and told my mom that I had to get more pain medicine and she told me to tough it out. Finally on day 6 I called the doctor again and spoke with someone who knew what they were talking about and got me new medicine. Lesson learned: do NOT stop taking your pain medicine before you are ready. And do not just ask for new medicine if you need it, demand it. I have never regretted something so much as not taking pain medicine those days. It was hands down the most painful thing I have ever been through. I am now on day 7 with new pain meds. I feel slightly better but I am still in a great deal of pain, enough so that I haven't eaten in literally 2 days. One recommendation that I haven't seen anyone else post on here that worked for me: warm salt water rinse. I rinse and gargle with this and it keeps my mouth from always tasting horrible and it clears out some of the puss in the back of my throat. Another recommendation: if you feel a tickle in your throat, trying to rinse it down with water is almost always better than letting yourself cough. Hope this helps! Wishing you all speedy recoveries!

  32. I am a 20 year old male on day 6 of recovery (counting surgery as day 1, had to get up at 5 in the morning for it...). The first day was bearable, and with the meds I didn't really see what all the fuss was about. But since then, oh the pain. This is probably the most painful experience of my life! I wasn't given any liquid meds so swallowing these huge painkillers they gave me has been ironically agonising, but once they kick in after about 20mins it's not as bad. They only last about 2 of the 4 hours though, so I've been rotating between different types so I can take them as regularly as possible! Yesterday and today were definitely the worst so far, and have resorted to writing on a pad instead of talking because it's just too much pain. Of course I have the jaw/ear/tongue pains. I have gargled a few times to try and remove some of that really deep down phlegm but I'd advise against that, I think a couple of my scabs might've come off early and it ended up causing a LOT of pain. Drinking ice water is SO helpful, just little sips, like a hamster or something. And the trick I've found with eating is put olive oil on EVERYTHING. My cuisine of the week is a bowl of small pasta with olive oil - it just slips right down! I've been avoiding dairy stuff because that just makes more phlegm. Reading these stories is also a go-to move when I'm in agony, it helps remind me that there is an end to all this! Apart from that, just spent all day every day sitting upright in bed. Is this all worth it? Right now, not a chance in hell! I'm sure once it's all over then I'll be able to appreciate it more. Good luck everyone!

  33. Hi I'm 30 yrs and I'm 6 days post tonsilectomy... Last night I went to bed feeling amazing ( having just ate a mushy roast dinner with zero pain). I've pretty much been awake all NIGHT... Day 6.. Every swallow felt like razor sharp glass, followed by awful tooth and mouth ache.. I normally have such a high pain threshold, but I'm seriously regretting this procedure, thinking 'is the pain worth all this?'... I'm starting too lose 'the light at the end of the tunnel' statement.. I miss food.. I miss talking... X

  34. This journey has been absolutely terrible. I am a 24 yr old female who had tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy.... my tonsils were abcess! If you count surgery as day one im on day 7. I have finished my bottle today of liquid hydrocodone, as well as my magic mouthwash. I have another prescription of liquid pain meds to help. My pain has been absolutely unbearable. I have lived now for 7 dayswith an icepack on my neck, a heating pad on the back og my neck/head. I have never had such terrible pain in ny life. Everyday has been horrible and I havent had even one full day of relief!!! I have literally been begging god to give me a break. Food for me has not been an option, either has water. my urine is orange im assuming from dehydration and mix of meds. I havent had a bowel movement. since the day before surgery, ive tried prune juice, milk of magnesia... i suppose lack of food will do that. I have lost 14lbs since day one of surgery. doesnt surprise me. im sad because i thought i would handle this well!!!!! I seen a 5yr old 4 days out of surgery she said she felt fine!!!!!! And im over hee crying like a baby at the pain. well im assuming mine was pretty bad due to infection, just now praying for some relief!!!!

  35. 35yo male who had Adenotonsillectomy on Friday 9am (today is sunday/day 3). My tonsils and adenoids were very infected. To complicate matters I have sleep apnea and require a CPAP so I was kept in the CCU for 24 hours after the op. So far I've been very lucky. No major bleeds, no intolerable pain - there is pain and without painkillers its noticeable and annoying but I've been given Paracetamol (1gm per 6 hrs) and Endone (10mg per 4 hours). I'm avoiding using the Endone as much as possible and when I do take it, I only take the one. Same with paracetamol, I'll only take 2x500mg if I really need). Sucking on ice really helps. You will be in more pain when you wake up in the morning due to lack of hydration (constant ice/drinking really helps) and the painkillers wear off. I take the endone in the morning and just before I go to sleep. I've been able to eat anything (muffins/croissants, mac cheeses/noodles, stew/meat, crackers/ice cream) without too much problem and I think that has helped the recovery by dislodging the larger scabs (better to have slight pain when SOME scabs come off than extreme pain when they come off at the same time). I know that the pain will get worse in the next several days and I'm prepared for that (Had separate operations for septoplasty which was 9/10 on the pain scale and 4x wisdom teeth which is around a 6/10 on the pain scale). Waking out of the general anaesthetic was a 7/10 in pain but the Paracetamol and ice take care of the pain for the most part. I generally only take the endone when going to bed or waking up in the morning. In addition to the painkillers, I've got Amoxycillin for the infection, Celebrex as an antiinflammatory (my uvula is massive) and I have both the Difflam lozenges and gargle. I was told that fizzy drinks can get inside the sinuses but I've been sipping ice cold coke zero all day and tbh it feels brilliant against my throat. Right now I'd say my pain level is a 2/10, possibly even 1/10. I took a 500mg Panadol 1 hour ago and its been 5 hours since taking Endone so I don't think its entirely necessary (at this stage). I feel very lucky compared to some of you, and I'm hoping that the next few days aren't as hellish as I've been told. Will repost in several days with an update.

  36. OK so its been 8 days since the op. The pain did get slightly worse on day 4 and 5 but I just took endone every 4 hours (10mg) to counteract the discomfort. Am having some slight bleeds at the moment as the scabs fall off the tonsil area, but nothing major. Haven't had a problem eating anything too which has been a relief. It would seem like I've been very lucky in that there were no complications or excessive pain.

  37. I'm on day 6 (possibly 7 it you count day of surgery) I'm 33yr female who had a tonsillectomy in the uk.

    After care at the hospital was rubbish, I've not been given any.any advice on how to look after or care for my tonsil area so took to google as my aid!

    Pain wise its definitely been worse days 4-5, I'm kinda dreading what today has instore for me as its currently 7:39am.

    We're told to eat as normal so I've been eating toast for breakfast, something like pasta for lunch an chicken roast etc for dinner....yesterday dinner was a struggle every mouthful hurt & it felt like I was swallowing glass mixed with razor blades!

    It constantly feels like I've got something in my throat, which is annoying but kinda bearable as I was used ti having massive tonsil stones lodged in my right tonsil. I've had lots of earache which hasn't been nice as it feels like someone is poking me deep in my ear with a sharp object. My tongue was probably the most painful area but thankfully that seems to have improved loads.

    I actually looked at my tonsil area yesterday & it looks as tho some tiny fragments of scab has started to come away....then lower down the scab is pretty thick, it looks like I've stuck a ball of chewing gum either side, I'm dreading that coming away & hope its gradual as one lump I may gag!

    My breath smelt and tasted like something had died but thankfully that's kind of improving.

    I've found I've got a really stuffy nose & when I try to clean my nose I find tastes of blood, I called the hospital & spoke to a gp (not my own) an he reckoned this was ok? Has anyone elseexperienced this?

    Every time I swallow its like I'm trying to swallow golf balls lodged at the back of my throat. I'm not sure when the peak of pain will be, but I'd wish it would hurry up....feeling pretty rubbish now esp as I have my two kids to look after (18 months & almost 3yrs) since I came home from hospital....but I guess its helped past the time an given me something other than pain to focus on.

    Oh chewing gum has really helped me.....only been taking ibuprofen & paracetamol for pain relief. A friend recommended Difflam is a mouthwash that eases pain & swelling. I just use it to rinse my mouth as scared to gargle incase it takes a scab off too biggest fear as with most of you guys is bleeding, I really don't want to go through this an end up back at square one again!

  38. Hi - this site has been such a comfort. I am a 53 yr old female and had this surgery due to recurring tonsil stones - although at the moment I think it would have been better keeping on poking them out!!
    In recovery, I wondered what the fuss was about, except for the fact it looked as if my uvula seemed to be stuck to the back of my throat. That's fine said the nurse, it's just swollen. Anyway, had some toast and a drink before leaving hospital - that was awful - I had no saliva whatsoever and the toast was like trying to swallow dry flour!! It took a couple of days for my saliva to start flowing again.
    Day 2, I was at my GPs surgery. My throat under my jaw was swollen and painful, and OMG the back of my throat looked like it was rotting! I knew it was going to have some white patches but this was ALL OVER the back of my throat - grey, white, green and gooey, with a thin red line all the way round and onto my uvula, and my palette was all colours of the rainbow. My doctor called in a senior colleague as she wasn't happy, and guess what - he said it's perfectly normal post tonsillectomy, my throat was just bruised from flexion, and as long as my temperature was OK and no bleeding, it's fine. I wish i had known just HOW BAD it would look.
    I thought I was doing well until day 4 when the pain really kicked in, especially in the mornings - OMG! Eat and drink through the pain they said - easy for them to say!
    I have been gargling with salt water after every forced small meal, which seems to have helped to clear the gunk and keep my mouth and throat relatively fresh and yesterday a great big lump came away - I panicked at first but it must just have been the scab that had been irritating the back of my tongue. At the end of the day it actually felt quite good and I thought - yay! it's turned the corner :D
    I am now at day 6 (not including surgery day) and the pain this morning was worse than ever, largely on the right side, and pain in my ears is worse. I have had to really concentrate today to make myself swallow anything at all. Once the pain killers kicked it it was manageable. I do have to say that the numbed background pain is actually less than previous days, but I have to remember when to take the meds - not easy with my memory!
    I have found the best for me IS to make yourself eat - it hurts like hell, but it helps to clear the gunk - soft food just doesn't do it and helps to clog it up! After eating, gargle with lukewarm salt water to get rid of food bits and loosened scabs. By doing this I haven't noticed any bad smells and the area looks as clean as can be expected. Don't have fizzy drinks unless diluted with water, cooled herb teas are good and do try to keep your teeth clean as best you can, even if it's hard to open your mouth properly. Coffee has been a no-no for me, even cooled - it makes my throat feel gritty. I found the ice cold drinks made my throat and surgery site ache like the worst sensitive toothache, and ice cream encourages mucus which is hard to get rid of. Also - don't talk more than is absolutely necessary, write it down. I made the mistake of still trying to talk properly and it just prolongs the agony. Hubby is happy because I can't shout at or argue with him, lol!! Just write it down in capitals on paper........

  39. Chest pains anyome? Please help! 😭😭

  40. Hi, thanks for posting this. I'm a 39 year old woman in the UK on day 6. I had my tonsils removed along with a couple of mucoceles and a nodule on my vocal cords. So far it has been better than I expected. We are advised here not to change our diets as eating textured food promotes healing, so I've been eating crisps, crackers, toast and cornflakes. I've avoided citrussy things and acidic foods like tomatoes and red peppers as they burn and it hurts more than the scraping of textured foods. I have had ice cream and it's fine but can be painful if it's very cold and hard. The most soothing thing for my throat has been just plain water and those pots of creme caramel that you can get. Tea and coffee are fine but they have to be left to cool to lukewarm.

    I was sent home with paracetamol, ibuprofen and dihydrocodeine. Days 1-4 paracetamol and ibuprofen were fine. I've been in more pain at night yesterday and today - I guess the scabs are starting to fall off - so took the codeine at night to help me sleep. I would say that the pain feels more achey than it did in the first four days and like others I am getting ear and jaw pain now which I wasn't aware of in days 1-4. Speaking is painful but that might be because of the vocal cord surgery.

    For me it is definitely worth having the tonsils out - mine were enlarged after years of recurrent tonsillitis so my throat already feels better and according to my husband I've barely snored since I came home which is a bonus.

  41. Hi there. I'm a 38yr old female who is on day 6 as well. Pain is not as bad as most people say it is when day 6 comes around. I noticed icing your neck helps alleviate the pain. I also make sure I don't skip a dose of my Vicodin (it helps but I would prefer a stronger pain killer). It says every 6 hrs as needed, but it loses its effect after the 4th hour. So I take it every 4 hrs. Just hang in there everyone. This will help us all in the long run! Here's to juicy burgers and steaks after we heal!

  42. Hi fellow patients, I hope you are all doing as well as you can.
    I wanted to post because if I had read all of the stories on the internet, I absolutely wouldn't have had the operation. However, perhaps I have been a lucky one.
    Don't get me wrong, its very uncomfortable and when your medication wears off you can feel the full extent of what has happened back there. Its not pain free, but compared to a lot of other peoples experiences mine hasn't been as bad. I am on day 6 of my recovery. My doctor prescribed me with a nice cocktail of Votlaren 50mg suppositories twice a day along with Orofar mouth spray and liquid nurofen. So my oral medication intake has been very limited.
    On the second day I started to slowly eat solids - sweet mashed potato, soft fish and peas. The days after, I moved onto crumpets and scrambled eggs. I would rate my pain as a steady 4-5 out of 10 for the whole duration, which is bearable. I have remained very well hydrated throughout. Coconut water EVERY day and at least 2 litres of water a day. After all, you need food and water to help with recovery. The medication made this possible to eat and drink easily.
    I am not sat in bed, I'm pottering around my home and etc and now working from home. Boredom for me is the worst.
    Anyway, I guess everyone's experiences will vary. After all, we are all different and our bodies will react in different ways. I believe I will be happy I had the procedure after I have made a full recovery. I'm really looking forward to a hot cup of Tea!
    Good luck everyone and keep hydrated!

  43. Day 6 for me as well. This has been the hardest thing to go through, more painful than getting 4 wisdom teeth out in the chair and liposuction. Day 1 and 2 I mostly slept and was so out of it. Day 3 and 4 were a blur. Sipping water and apple juice and trying to swallow small amounts of custard, watermelon and cheese. Yesterday (day 5) was the worst and the most frightening. I woke up swallowing a couple of times and just kept needing to swallow so I went to the bathroom and spat and it was blood. Then the blood kept gushing. There was so much of it. My partner rang the ambulance and I went to ER. Turns out it was a haematoma (blood clot) so I stayed until observation until early afternoon and got to come home. Today has been relatively ok (taking Endone and Panadol every few hours) except a sharp pain in the back of the tongue/throat that is new. Wondering if that's the scabs coming off. I've got a pretty high pain tolerance but this is the absolute worst but I'm trying to stay super positive that the end is nearing.

  44. Today is day 6 for me. I'm a (almost) 23 year old female. So far I'm in the worst pain. The Vicodin usually knocks me out within an hour of taking it, but I haven't been able to sleep at all tonight. The pain is excruciating...I dread having to swallow my saliva. Also, the ear ache is really bad and it's just always sore. My doctor called yesterday to remind me that days 6-8 are typically the worst for adult patients, and he was right! He told me to just relax, drink lots of water, and take my medicine. I hope this pain starts to subside soon!!

  45. Today is day 6 for me, I'm 18 y/o. I'm sorry to tell you this but if your doctor is giving you medicine to swallow, he's a bad doctor cause mine gave me medicine that melts in the mouth and voltarene. I dont know from where to start, Votarene will take all the pain away. Your ears won't hurt, your throat will be fine and you can easily scream(but i dont advise you to do it). Im no longer eating cold soup and ice cream , yesterday I ate fettocini and mashed potatoes and now im eating a baked potato with cheddar cheese all over it. idk if its ok but its so good and i need food, bye.

  46. I'm a 28 year old female. And I just had a tonsillectomy 6 days ago. People, this is coming from a woman who birthed two 8 pound human beings with NO pain medication or epidural.. this tonsillectomy is 10000000000 times more painful than labor, the ring of fire, and having my body ripped apart by tint humans. I feel like I'm dying. No really, I do. Day of surgery and day after, I had some uncomfortableness, but not really pain. Day 3, I woke up and wanted to slit my throat. Today is day 6. I set an alarm for every four hours so not to forget my medicine because that it the biggest no-no you can make. Swallowing the percocets is a chore in itself. I stopped talking three days ago because its just too painful. The back of my tongue feels black and blue and throbs so bad sometimes I want to bash my face into the wall. I completely stopped eating day 4 with the exception of applesauce with my pain meds so I don't get sick to my stomach. And I constantly sip water because I do find that it helps the throbbing. I wake up every day hoping the pain has faded some but only find that its gotten worse in some unbearable way. I am now having crazy boughts of crying because I am so sick and tired of not eating, not sleeping, and hurting. Had I known this procedure was going to make me feel like I swallowed broken glass for two solid weeks, I probably would've skipped out on this torture. My husband has been a real trooper, babying me through my bitching and moaning. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain has been at or above a 7 the entire time. I called my surgeon for different pain meds, or even liquid pain meds to no avail. When is this going to end people?! WHEN??! My tongue is swollen, I can't see my throat at all, and when I try prying my mouth open I literally feel like I'm breaking the lower half of my face off. After I make it through this, I better never see Italian ice again.

  47. Hi i am a 19 year old girl and I am on day 6 of post tonsillectomy. Here are some tips that helped me.
    -make sure u have someone there to help you first few days you will 100% need them!!!!
    -day 1-3: constantly had smoothies. My mom made me a smoothie with watermelon cantelope and honeydew and used watermelon ice instead of yogurt.
    In addition, i had scrambled eggs in the morning in small pieces so I would have something in my stomach to take pain meds. Advil every 4 hours have been working very good for me! I stopped taking pain meds after I threw up the 2nd day so i have only been taking advils.
    Pastina with chicken broth was good to eat.
    Also she made banana with ice in the blender which was good.
    First few days I barely ate anything with dairy in it because it made me way too phlemey.
    -day 4-6 i have eaten pb&j when i wasn't in a lot of pain. Mac and cheese slides down good! My mom made me french toast today took crust off and soaked it in syrup! It didnt hurt i actually enjoyed it!! I stopped eating eggs in the morning and instead I eat oatmeal warm!!
    -The pain comes and goes but just stay on track with taking meds because trust me you dont want to feel the pain if you dont have to.
    -Someone wrote on the website ice pack on your neck and cheeks. I tried it 2 days ago. BEST thing i ever did. I have been attached to the ice pack. I sleep with it eat with it and walk around with it. 100% helps the swelling go down. Helped me sleep a lot!!!! USE ICEPACK!!!
    - I bled a little bit from getting cocky and tryin pasta it stopped once i put ice chips in my mouth and put the ice pack on my neck. So dont freak out.
    -i had friends over some days but honestly its exhausting try not to over do it.
    -when your throat is itchy and you feel like you have to cough it is good because that means scabs are coming off!!! But it kept bothering me so I found that sucking on ice pops helped with the itchyness.
    -Sleep with 3 pillows behind you and stay elevated!! I have slept through the nights for the most part which I am thankful for.
    -i have yet to go to the bathroom but I have been taking stool softeners so hopefully I will.
    -Also my mom made me sweet potatoes mashed up which was so good!! But i didnt eat it hot!! And regular mashed potatoes was delish!!!
    Just know Im hanging in there and here are some things to help you cause trust me I know how terrible the recovery process is.

  48. Hi I'm a 40 year old man from the UK. It's 11.30pm on day 6 of my tonsillectomy recovery.

    Today has been tough, I woke up with really bad pains in the neck and ears. I slept with 3 pillows, maybe that was a factor for the neck pain. I only woke twice in the night which was much better than previous nights. I've been taking Ibuprofen and Paracetamol and Codeine alternatively every 4 hours, it's definitely helped for the 1st couple of hours and then the pain comes back with a vengeance. Found it hard to eat my dinner tonight (been eating solids up 'til today fairly well). I have found chewing gum has helped with the ear pain. I've tried to keep my water consumption up and have managed to drink luke-warm tea in the mornings. I have started to cough a bit, I'm wondering if this is the scabs starting to fall off at the back of the throat but when I checked in the mirror they were still there, I'm not sure how far down the scabs go down the throat, does anyone know? I really wasn't expecting this amount of pain and discomfort I really hope it solves my tonsillitis and sleep apnea issues, if I get a better nights sleep for the rest of my life it has got to be worth this horrible ordeal. I agree with some comments, I don't think there was enough information from the nurses around the recovery process and what to expect. It's been really comforting and helpful reading other peoples experiences... Good luck with the recovery people. It will get better I'm sure.

  49. I am a 30 year old female, on day 6 of my recovery. This is by far the worst pain I have been in. My scabs cell off prematurely on day 3 which left me feeling as if i was going to bleed to death. I had to Call 911 and wound up totalling i lost 9 oz of blood in one sitting because of a scan the size of a pinky nail falling off. The same thing happened last night, the scabs came off to early which led to me losing yet another massive amount of blood. Which I was able to stop on my own, by packing ice in my throat and gargling salt water. The pain was tolerable before, but since the scabs have fallen off, I am in loads of pain today. I am on the liquid oxycodone, which now every time i take my scheduled dose feels like it's burning a whole in my surgical sites. During my full recovery i was able to nibble on things such as bread, a few bites of applesauce here and there, but my diet has consisted of ice water, that's it. This has been by far one of the hardest surgeries I've ever been put through. There was no way for me to opt out cause my tonsils were cryptic and basically rottening out. Every after all the research before the initial surgery, nothing could have prepared me for what i have already been through. Hope everyone is recovery as best as they can and good luck!!

  50. I am a 13 year old girl and I'm on my 6th day and I am not doing so well right now.. Its 4 am and I just took my liquid hydra codeine and omg I literally almost cried because my pain is so bad and i cant stand taking the medicine anymore because of how sick it makes me feel. I haven't experienced the entire day yet and i dont really want too.. My first two days were obviously a little struggle, but it wasn't too bad until the third day. I was DYING i couldnt handle the pain it was so bad.. What I mainly have to say is drink lots of ice water and milkshakes help a lot too! I would say more but my stomach hurts so bad and my throat i feel so sick right now.. Good luck to everyone!

  51. 28 y/o female who is day 5 post op T&A. The first day immediately after I left the surgery facility, I felt like I was choking and something was lodged in my throat. I cried most of that day because I tried drinking water, ginger ale, swallowing, and light coughing. Nothing worked. Feeling like you can't breathe is another type of stress all in itself. Day 2, that feeling did eventually go away and since then, I've been stuck with the pleasure blowing my nose every 10-20 mins. The phlegm is a dark yellow. I haven't really eaten anything but vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate pudding, and applesauce. Anything else is too thick and I don't like the "chocking" sensation. I drink plenty of water regardless of the pain cause I know dehydration with this healing process would be suicide. Gatorade is a little to thick for me so I just add water to it, take a few sips, and save it for later. My ENT prescribed me liquid Hydrocodone-Acetamin every 6 hrs and it works rapidly. Doesn't take away pain completely but I'm able to eat a little something and definitely rest. So far, no bleeding, nausea, or falling off of the scabs. I had my surgery Tue, Feb 28 and today is Sat, Mar 4. I sleep with my humidifier almost in my face, lol. $27 from Walmart (Procare) brand. Even though I haven't eaten much and I'm craving foods, so far, this experience has not been all of that bad. I work in Healthcare in never really get sick so this process helped me see things from my patients point of view. I'm finally on the "other side" of things and I can go back to work more sensitive to the needs of my patients. I'm thankful to God cause I know things could've ended up worse and even though I'm not done healing, I know God has me! I pray everyone recovers without any major complications and are able to eat, drink, swallow, sneeze, burp, talk, sing, gargle, cough, whistle, blow you nose, and ect soon without any pain!

  52. Hi I'm a 27yo female on day 6 of my recovery. I'm a little concerned because I actually feel fine. Like of course it hurts to swallow and yawning is a killer but it's bearable. I think one of the reasons is because I have been adventurous with food. I stayed in hospital overnight and they gave me a sandwich for dinner (5 hours after my surgery!) Which I only managed about 3 bites. So days 1-4 I ate custard, ice cream, canned fruit, and jam on bread. I got so tired of it I made myself mashed potato and can I just say.... it was heaven!!! I highly recommend that mash. It goes down your throat like a hug. So after that I cut up pieces of sausage and ate that which was amazing but ended up with the runs that night. Today I've had a muffin, chicken noodle soup and raisin toast. I've lost about 2.5kgs in 6 days. But yeah I think because of all the food I'm eating and water I'm drinking I seem to be fine. My ears hurt more than my throat. Tip of my tounge is still numb though. I'm seeing my gp tomorrow to ask some questions and see how it's healing. Cos when I look at it it just looks nasty to me. I just want to know when I can drink wine again! And go back to work! Good luck with your healing!!

  53. 37 man checking in for day 6. I just awoke and again today is worse than the day before. I was hoping to be relatively healed and painfree by now so that I could return to work. Every swallow is agonizing with or without painkillers. The painkillers mute the ever constant background hum of pain. Cheers to a better tomorrow.