Sunday, August 06, 2006

Recovery Days 10 & 11

Other than a little pain drinking I am doing pretty well. I still feel some discomfort when I yawn but that's the worst.

Of course, I have only been eating soft foods still. I'm a little nervous about hard crusts that might scratch. I don't want to rip anything open.

I ate a muffin, pancakes, and pasta today without any problem. Drinking is much easier, I could even drink a whole glass at one time. Finally, no more sipping everything.

Wednesday I have my follow up with the E.N.T. so I'll let you know how it turns out.


  1. Dear Robert,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your recovery from surgery. My 18 yr old son has his tonsillectomy this Weds., August 9. Your posts have helped me to learn first hand what to expect.
    Thanks!! :)
    Glad to see you're feeling better!

  2. I felt a noticeable decrease in pain by day 10. It still hurt a bit to swallow, but I was able to drink water much more easily by this day. I found that DRINKING AS MUCH WATER AS POSSIBLE and SUCKING ON ICE CHIPS was critical!

  3. 27 year old female with tonsillectomy and nasal surgery: Day 10 and 11 were much better, but I still require pain medication every 4 hours which worries me because I return to work on Day 14. My follow-up with the MD is on Day 13. I am going back to the lighter pain medications during the day, but have no choice in the evening because I sleep with my mouth open and that makes it very painful when I wake up. I was able to eat a piece of soft pizza yesterday (which was amazing), but I am still not eating much. I am within normal weight range and lost 10 lbs between the day of the surgery and Day 11. Ice chips are amazing in between pain doses. Ear pain has been quit difficult the last week.

  4. Day 10 was the first day that i finally felt less pain. I really hate yawning its uncomfortable. Other than yawning it's all relatively ok. Try and eat solid foods you'll be surprised how easy it is. I infact ate any solid foods every day since my tonsillectomy, it didnt hurt any more than it did for me to sip on food and if i ate a mouthful a bit too big i would just wash it down with some water and it was ok. If you're scared have your pain killers before hand and wait a while for it to kick in then have a little bite of something you would be too scared to eat. Its the fear that stops you because trust me - it's no different from sipping. Since day 7 ive been eating warm foods and yesterday (day 9) i ate nandos which is spicy and i did feel a bit of a sting towards the end so i wouldnt recommend that but for the most part it was ok. I find strawberries to be the most painful over everything I've eaten so far (including lamb chops, soups, drinking coca cola after day 7, taking meds, chocolate, nandos, pork chops etc) and i think the reason why is because of the acid in fruity things, it really stung i wouldn't recommend.