Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nine Months Later

It's been over nine months actually and I can say that having my tonsils out was correct decision. Since then I haven't had a sore throat and I've had Tonsillitis only once, which I'm betting I picked up from my son. The interesting thing about getting Tonsillitis again is that I had no symptoms at all. Actually, I was having some blood work done for some swelling in my knee and it showed that I was positive for Tonsillitis. Otherwise I would have never known.

Another positive note is that I sleep better now too. My snoring is a lot less, according to my wife and son, so they're benefiting from my tonsillectomy too.

I've received a number of comments from a lot of people going through the same thing and I'm glad I can be of help to them and I wish them all the best in their recovery.


  1. bob,

    i read your blog. it sounded like a painful recovery. thank goodness i got mine out as a kid.

    did your doctor explain to you how you could get tonsillitis again when you don't have any tonsils?

    the blood test for that usually distinguishes tonsillitis from infectious mononucleosis or epstein barr according to the white blood cell counts. i wonder what happened there.

    did you ever do a sleep study for your snoring to see if you have sleep apnea?

  2. Thanks very much for sharing your experience. I am 5 days post-op from a tonsillectomy/UPPP and I am living what you wrote about. I am grateful to read someone else has been through the same thing I am going through and that it will continue to get better over time!!!

  3. Rob,

    My man, thanks for the blog. You are on target with everything you've shared. This has by far been the most informative and relative account I've read concerning anyone's journey post op from their tonsillectomy.

    I'm 35 and am on the early wee hours of day 5 post op. Day 4 was my worst (am) pain that I've had. I believe the jaw pain and the discomfort around the sides of the neck were the worse. All I could do was get my pain meds in me and rock off to sleep.

    I shared this site with my wife and mother. I told them that this is the closest that I can attest to, as to what I have been feeling these past few days. It is the worse pain that I've ever experienced in my life.

  4. robert, i thoroughly enjoyed your blog and am so glad to hear you and your tonsiles made it through okay-- sounds like a tough experience all in all. however, i would be remiss not to share that you Broke a lot of Rules. my doctor shared with me a list of do's and don'ts, if you will, which i will share with you and your readers (really mostly don'ts though-- doctors are such pessimists).
    DO NOT have hot foods.
    DO NOT take hot showers.
    DO NOT eat spicy foods.
    DO NOT drink acidic beverages/juices.
    DO NOT interfere with the white coating on your tongue-- it WILL take care of itself (you seemed to have a particular issue with that one).

    thank you for all your help robert. your Pearls of wisdom and encouragement really brightened my spirit and were crucial coping mechanisms for this, such a traumatic experience.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am on day 6 of my recovery and I seem to be going through the same things you did. The only thing you didn't mention is when you were able to talk normally. At the end of day 6 I am still unable to do much more that making grunting noises while moving my lips. I sound awful. When was your voice back to normal?

  6. Thanks so much for sharing!! As I sit here at 2:30am, I'm just starting Day 7 of my procedure. The Doctor said because of my frequent Tonsillitis bouts, one tonsil gave him (And me, it would seem!) a little trouble.

    Thanks for letting me know I wasn't the only one shaking, desperate for my pain meds in that last 30 minutes! The first few days are just there to trick us, I think. It felt better then than it did the next few. I found a posting that said "things will get progressively worse from Day 3 to Day 6". Surprisingly, those were comforting words sitting at Day 4...

    Well, I'm going to go back to sleep for another hour. I'm getting used to being productive an hour at a time!!

  7. I also wanted to thank you for this blog. I am on day 7 and have found this thankfully not to be as bad as I thought it would be. I was eating noodles and muffins on day 3 or so and am sitting here eating a taco! (soft shell of course) Your blog made me feel so much better about all the things I have gone through. Everyone else seems so miserable about the whole experience but your blog made me laugh and feel optomistic about it. I think the scabs are splitting because every once in a while I feel like I want to cry and go back to laying in bed all day and not eating but I have decided not to play "tough girl" and give up my meds just yet. :)

  8. Went to the doctors today for a sore throat. I get them four times a year and test positive for strep about 25% of the time. Today the doctor said that I should see an ENT and consider taking them out. I found your blog early on in my search and now I'm quite afraid. I too am 37. I'm glad you made it through. Thanks for your detailed account. Boy it sounds rough. I had no idea that a tonsillectomy would be so painful. This is not good news to me as a consider this procedure. Take it easy bud, hope you're still glad you did it.

  9. Tonsillitis means an inflamation of the tonsils. You cant get inflamed tonsils if you dont have any. You can however get the same infection that used to casue tonsilitis - but have symptoms on other parts of your body like taph or strep. This is not tonsillitis.

  10. Did the tonsilitis require you to take antibiotics or did it heal on its own?