Saturday, July 29, 2006

Recovery Day 3 - Part Two

I actually feel a little better. My throat isn't hurting as much but my jaw bone is and my head is still throbbing.

I was able to eat some noodles and a smoothie.

I can only imagine that during the surgery they had to wrench my mouth open and press my tongue down while pushing my uvula up out of the way. I bet the surgeon fit his whole hand in my mouth, the way it feels right now.

I got some more sleep this morning and I'd still be sleeping if my ears didn't hurt so much.

I hope this means the worst is over...


  1. Hey Robert
    im fourteen and i had my tonsillectomy on 4/6/07. im at day four of my recovery i dont feel super bad, but not good neither.
    N-e way i wanted to ask you do you know what the white stuff in the back of my throat ,near the stitches are??
    also how long did it take you to recover....
    please respond to my e-mail address


  2. Hi, I'm 37 year old female, This is day to for me. Last night was hell. Codeine wore off every 3 to 4 hours so I hardly slept. So today I split the dose to half a tablespoon every 3 hours instead of 1 tablespoon every 6. It really seemed to help. I ate noodles, jello, mash potatoes and a chocolate shake. Which was a big NO NO for me. No more dairy. The mucus collected behind my swollen ulvula and is driving me insane. I can't swallow the Thick mucus/snot and I can cough. Ugh so it's just sitting there. I would not advise anyone to have ice cream. But slushy and apple sauce and jello for sure. So far not as bad as I thought. I have not had neck, jaw or ear pain yet! So I hope that keeps up. Thanks for writing this blog. It has really helped me. Even though it was like 6 years ago. Thank you!