Sunday, July 30, 2006

Recovery Day 3 - Part Three

This was the best day, hopefully the first day of feeling better. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in pain; still taking the Codeine and still having difficulty swallowing. It's just that the pain has dropped about two points and I am able to eat more. The biggest pain seems to be from jaw and tongue.

I can feel the areas where the tonsils were and they feel like two rough patches. I'm guessing these are the scabs, which by my research are due to fall off between day 5 and 8.

Otherwise I have a pretty strong and constant headache, which seems to come and go with the dosages of Codeine.

Today I ate more noodles, some mashed potatoes, sherbert, and ice cream.

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  1. For me, pureed chicken noodle soup has been my lifeline during my recovery. I literally go through a can a day! But, I blend it first before eating it. It sounds funny, but even the small noodles have been too sticky and painful to swallow. Blending it works great, and the warm broth is soothing on my throat. Another tip is to get ice chips and try to just suck on them throughout the day. Regular sized ice cubes are too big and awkward to try to hold onto or suck. Have your family get you ice chips from convenience stores/gas stations/grocery stores. My husband filled up cups of ice at the gas station and told them it was for his wife who was recovering from a tonsillectomy... they didn't charge him for the cup or the ice!