Sunday, July 30, 2006

Recovery Day 4

I was hoping that today would be better than yesterday. No such luck. I feel about the same, no real improvements anywhere. My throat still feels all bruised and my jaw still feels like it has been pulled open too far. Swallowing still hurts, but wait, I think my Uvula might have shrunk a little. I don't feel my Uvula when I swallow, so I guess that's one thing that has improved.

I've decided to stay home from work on Monday and I'm leaning towards staying home on Tuesday too. My wife says I'll be home Wednesday too but I don't want to make that assumption yet.

I slept a lot today and it felt good. I didn't toss and turn or constantly wake up from the pain. I was able to get a good three hours of sleep in, which has been the maximum since the surgery. It seems that the Codeine wears off in about three hours and that's when the pain really starts to kick in, so it's no wonder that it's waking me up too.

I ate more noodles, mashed potatoes, and sherbert. Drank more water today than the past three days.

My wife says my throat seems to not be as swollen as yesterday.

So, in summary, pain is around a 4 -5, 5 - 6 in the fourth hour between doses of Codeine. Headaches seem to be lightening up. Jaw still hurts like a B!@#.

Maybe tomorrow will be better...


  1. Hi Robert:

    I hope that you'll be getting better every day.

    I would take your wife's advice and stay home a few extra days. It's the wise thing to do.

    The very bets to you

    Alex Birukoff

  2. With regards to when to go back to work... my advice is to take as many days off as you possibly can in order to fully recover. My ENT had his tonsils out, too, and even he took 10 days off of work! I realize this is not possible in every profession, but take the maximum number of days off that you are allowed/can handle financially- especially if you have a job where you need to talk a lot. You will be glad you did!

  3. It's about 4 am on the beginning if the sixth day for this 23 yr old. By far the worst day yet. Before it only hurt when I tried to eat, drink, or do anything. Now I'm just laying here in excruciating pain.. Coming in and out of some very odd drugged-up dreams. Ice cream felt amazing yesterday. But today I found it impossible to get anything but water and meds down. I feel like a giant baby.. Being in so much agony over what everyone calls a 'routine' procedure. Ppl don't seem to understand how horrible the pain is. Was happy to see that I wasn't the only one who felt like death. But still not happy to feel like death.
    Also I haven't pooped since the day before the surgery. The doc suggested that I take a stool softener... Which did nothing. Also tried laxatives and they didn't work at all either. The pain meds are supposedly binding. Everything just really sucks a million times more than I imagined it would.